The Story

Anna Slow was established in Spain in 2015 with the aim of releasing hand-sewn summer boots with traditional style jute soles. The company were convinced the product would find an audience among people who consider boots an essential accessory for every season. 

The project gradually took shape thanks to collaborators and professionals who helped Federico and Paloma, its founders, to make their idea a reality. 

Each boot is made with 100% cotton and fancy fabrics of yarns of different materials and textures. Each piece is hand-sewn traditional style on jute sole.

 Anna Slow’s proposal, rather than a seasonal trend, intends to be a style that evokes the timelessness of summer emotions, when we leave our daily habits to contact with our free spirit.

 The Anna Slow label is committed to working in Europe and to caring for the quality of our product and for the personnel who make it.