Size and Care Guide


The available stock is ordered according to the size of each of our models.

You must select the number you usually use.

If you use a number and a half, we recommend:

• In the case of boots and ankle boots, select the upper one. For example, if you wear 38.5 choose size 39.

• In the case of sandals, select the lower one. For example, if you wear at 38.5, choose size 38.

In case that when trying them you consider changing the chosen number, we make the change at no cost.


Our shoes have jute soles, a type of vegetable fiber that absorbs a lot of water and is difficult to dry, so we recommend that you do not wet them.

If by accident your footwear had gotten wet, we recommend that you leave it for a couple of days in the sun so that the jute on the sole dries completely.

If the fabric gets stained, we recommend you to clean it very carefully, gently massaging the area with a sponge dipped in water and natural soap with neutral PH.

Do not press to avoid lifting the texture of the fabric and drag the dye.


Jute is a type of vegetable fiber, extracted from a fibrous herbaceous plant (Chrchorus capsularis) and used to make elements such as rope.

The yarn created from jute is quite strong, and also has exceptional insulation properties and low thermal conductivity.

Once we have the jute thread ready, it is braided to obtain a strong rope with which we make the soles of our footwear.