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“Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds aret he morning yawn.” Lewis Grizzard.

We love spring, the season of birth and renewal, the beginning of a new cycle, in which the light comes back brighter and life awakens.

We wake up from the cold winter and our energy connects a thousand times an hour.

We are looking forward to many plans to enjoy and we start to prepare to flourish for another year.




Prepare your body for this new cycle by doing a debugging. A good way to do this is by lightening your diet with freshly squeezed natural fruit juices.

Debugging offers a good time to renew. To stop and dedicate a little time to the meditation, will allow us the opening developing our ability of concentration and will help us to organize our day to day.




Soon your skin will leave the warm clothes to feel the breeze and the rays of the sun. Prepare it to look bright and happy, exfoliate your skin with natural products to release toxins, give yourself the pleasure to a sauna or steam baths. Pamper your lips with a sunscreen balm to moisturize and protect them. Massage your hair with oils to nourish it.




Enjoy fresh, light and green foods, chlorophyll is one of the agents with a great healing force. Breathe deeply and take your time, make your food a blessing.
Practicing yoga is a good way to welcome the spring, it will help you stretch your muscles, tendons and ligaments and put “spring” in your joints. It will help you nourish yourself with your own vital energy.



Look for your harmony through simple pleasures!