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Stop the time to savor the moments and take care of little details.
The SLOW concept is a philosophy of life that permeates everything, is a way of looking at the world fleeing the slavery of rush and immediacy.
We stop to take conscience and enjoy what surrounds us, each experience and every sensation.
Within this philosophy is for example the movement SLOW FOOD, which claims to practice a healthy diet through the quality of ingredients, consumption of organic cultivation, respect for breeding, traditional “simmering.”
Take a walk around markets talking quietly to the professionals to learning from them about food properties and ways to prepare them is a very simple pleasure and easy to reach.
Create a gastronomic still life that awakens your senses, source of health and well-being.



The SLOW movement puts in value the artisan, the creations and small projects made with love.



In fashion, through the movement SLOW FASHION, responsible consumption is claimed by using timeless clothing, that build a personal style beyond trends.
Clothing that remain, that identify us, that we make ours and take care of as excited as our grandmothers did with those jewels that we find in their old suitcases.
Special fabrics, which enhance our most natural beauty, designs in which we feel comfortable as well as stylish.



SLOW FASHION is a committed fashion, parallel to the industrial business supporting fair trade and local economy, in which all collaborators become part of creation.