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Cookies policy

SLOW & FLOW, like most internet portals, we use cookies on our website in order to improve your browsing experience and provide a better service.

Below you will find clear and precise information about the cookies we use, explaining what a cookie is, what it is for, what types of cookies we use and how you can configure or disable them if you wish.

Prior to installation, your consent will always be required through a pop-up window.

What cookies are and what do they serve for?

A cookie is a small text file that a website saves on your computer or mobile device when you visit it. Cookies are used very frequently to make websites work better, as well as to provide information to site owners. A cookie does not identify a person, but a combination of device-browser-user, and this information is anonymous and encrypted. By using cookies, for example, we prevent you from having to re-enter your data in the order form, if you have previously done so. They are also used to measure the audience and traffic parameters, monitor the progress and number of visits, etc. Cookies can be deleted, accepted or blocked as you wish, below we explain how to do it.

The type of cookies used on are temporary and do not collect personal information:


This website uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous information on the number of visits to the web, the most popular pages, etc. Keeping this cookie active helps us improve our website.


This website uses Facebook Pixel to recognize anonymous information on the number of visits to the web, the most popular pages, etc. Keeping this cookie active helps us improve our website.


You can disable cookies at any time as follows:

Through the browser settings; for example:

  • Firefox, from
  • Chrome, from
  • Explorer, from


  • Safari, from

In addition, you can also manage the cookie store in your browser through tools such as the following

  • Ghostery:
  • Your online choices:

ACCEPTANCE OF THE COOKIES POLICY assumes that you accept the use of cookies. However, it displays information about its Cookie Policy at the bottom or top of any page of the portal with each login in order for you to be aware.

Given this information, it is possible to carry out the following actions:

  • Accept cookies. This notice will not be displayed again when accessing any page of the portal during this session.
  • To close. The notice is hidden on this page.
  • Modify your settings. You can obtain more information about what cookies are, know the Cookies Policy of and modify the settings of your browser.

Privacy Policy

Slow & Flow S.L. respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal data. This privacy policy will inform you about how we protect your personal data when you visit our website (from anywhere) and about privacy rights and how they are legally protected.

In this Privacy Policy, we explain how your personal information is obtained and used. We are Slow & Flow S.L. and we exercise the appropriate information controls in accordance with the provisions of the European Data Protection Directive of the EU (EU 95/46 / EC) and its implementing regulations established in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR- EU General Data Protection Regulation).

Throughout the text you will find how to contact us if you have any questions about privacy and data protection.

We must have a legal basis to process your personal data and this policy explains how we legally act with respect to each of the purposes for which your information is maintained and used. In general, we are enabled to process your personal information where necessary in connection with a contract between us (such as a contract to supply our products or services), to comply with our legal obligations or if we have a legitimate interest, prevailing the customer interests.

What is the information we collect and how do we do it?

You are not obliged, by law or by contract with us, to provide personal information through our website. Only, it will be required when it is strictly necessary in order to provide a service requested by you.


What information do you provide us?

Information may be requested, when the following circumstances occur, as follows:

  • When our products or services are requested.
  • Using and browsing our website.
  • Telephone calls, correspondence via email or publications.

This information would include the following data:

  • Identification, such as your full name and your job title.
  • Postal address, email address and telephone number.
  • Other relevant information to use our website and our services, such as preferences, studies, answers and opinions at the Marketing level.
  • Tax information (for international shipments).
  • Payment information (this information is protected and processed by our means of payment provider).

Information we obtain from you through our website

We obtain information through cookies and similar technologies that help us identify and differentiate you from other users of our website. These resources will optimize your online experience, without having to fill in information that has already been requested and will allow us to make improvements to our website. For more information on this matter as well as for the use of cookies, please consult the section corresponding to the cookie policy that you will find at the end of this document. When you visit our website, we may obtain the following information:

  • Information about the User Agent (electronic device) supplied by your internet browser.
  • If you access through a third party, this information will be recorded.
  • If you associate your account with a third party, such as a Marketplace to import items for a shipment, the necessary data will be recorded to facilitate access.
  • Device identification (cookie or IP address) and general location for fraud prevention.
  • Data on visits to our website and sources accessed, including, but not limited to, websites, links, traffic information, location, weblogs and other communication data.
  • When orders originate from advertising sources, the source of each order will be recorded. The object is to analyze the effectiveness of this advertising; This information will not be used to study the customer’s profile.
  • Our website is not directed at minors and data will not be knowingly collected from them.

Information we receive about you from other sources

It is possible that you have allowed other websites, services or third parties to share your data with us. Including information that we receive about you, if you have used other websites with which we operate or other services that we offer.

It also includes information provided by third parties with whom we work and to whom we supply our products and services, such as a Marketplace, Ecommerce platforms, payment method providers, transport companies, technology support companies and advertising companies.

How do we use your personal data?

We guarantee that the use made of your personal data is covered by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

1.- Development of the contract established with you.

2.- Compliance with legal obligations.

3.- Achievement of our legitimate or third party interests. Your interests will prevail over ours.

How are your data used based on legality?

Next, the different uses of your personal data that may occur within each of the legal frameworks are established:

1.- Development of the contract established with you.

  1. Verificar tu identidad.

Se podrían utilizar tus datos si fuera absolutamente necesario con el objeto de cumplir con nuestras obligaciones legales o para detectar y prevenir el fraude, blanqueo de capitales u otros delitos.

  1. Suministrar nuestros productos y servicios (Supervisión adicional)

Se requerirá el uso de tus datos personales para el cumplimiento de los contratos establecidos, como por ejemplo en el caso en el que seas dado de alta como cliente. Siempre se utilizarán tus datos dentro de este contexto.

  1. To verify your identity.

Your data could be used if absolutely necessary in order to comply with our legal obligations or to detect and prevent fraud, money laundering or other crimes.

  1. Supply our products and services (Additional supervision).

The use of your personal data will be required for the fulfillment of the established contracts, such as in the case in which you are registered as a client. Your data will always be used within this context.

.- Suministrarte información acerca del contrato con nosotros.

.- Suministrarte información sobre nuestros productos y servicios relativos a tus requerimientos personales (por ejemplo, necesidades de transporte de mercancía y servicios asociados, tales como un seguro de mercancías).

.- Verificar tu identidad.

.- Atención de reclamaciones que, como consecuencia, requieran reparaciones o mejoras de nuestros productos y servicios.

.- Contactar contigo; para informarte sobre los cambios que puedan realizarse sobre nuestros productos y servicios.

.- Administrar nuestro website, incluyendo resolución de problemas, diagnóstico de situaciones, análisis estadísticos, búsquedas dirigidas y pruebas con el fin de que nuestro site sea seguro.

2.- Use of your personal data to comply with our legal obligations

  • Comply with our Terms and Conditions and other Policies.
  • Logistics Management and Planning, including Accounting and Auditing.
  • Management of legal disputes in which you are part.
  • Detection and prevention of fraud, money laundering and other crimes.
  • Protection of the user and other possible damages.

You can use your personal data when it is strictly necessary, in order to protect your interests or those of others. Including crimes,  like identity theft, piracy or fraud.

3.- Use of your personal data in pursuit of our legitimate interests

  1. a) Contact you to promote products or services that may be of interest to you.

Your personal data could be used to identify you and inform you about products and services that may be of interest to you.

You can update your preferences at any time, in the settings area of ​​your account. All information related to preference management is collected in our Help Centerb.

Contact you to communicate important changes that may affect you or verify or update certain information.

On some occasions, we may use your personal data to answer your requests or to inform you about important changes.

We will only use your personal data when it is strictly necessary:

  • Interact and respond to the requests you have sent us or to any publication within the social networks where you have tagged us.
  • Inform you about important changes in our company or in our policies.
  1. Respond to the communications you send us
  2. To improve the operation of our company

In order to offer the best products, experiences and services, we could use your personal data, in the following cases:

  • Check and improve existing products and services and develop new products and services.
  • Check and improve our performance systems, processes and personnel, including training.
  • Improve our site to ensure that content is presented in the most effective way for you and your electronic device.
  • Measure and know the effectiveness of the advertising we offer you and others, and deliver dedicated and relevant advertising.
  • Market research on our products in order to improve them. Third parties could be used as information processors, to carry out the studies.

Modification of Purposes

We will only and exclusively use your personal data for the aforementioned purposes, unless it is reasonably considered that they are used for another reason that is compatible with the original objectives. If it were required to use your personal data for unrelated purposes, it would be notified to you and the legal bases that allow the aforementioned modification would be explained to you.

Please keep in mind that we may process your personal data without your knowledge or consent, covered by the rules described above, provided that they are within the legal framework.

With whom do we share your personal data?

How do we share your personal data within our company?

We share the data you have provided us with our staff so that we can supply you with our products and services.

How do we share your personal data with third parties?

We may share your personal data with certain third parties. For example:

1.- Internet Hosting Providers with whom we work to maintain our website, infrastructure, services and applications.

2.- Carriers to supply freight services.

3.- Contact Management Systems, for sending emails, instant messages, messages through social networks and SMS.

4.- Suppliers who manage customer opinions about our products and services. We work with third parties who act as data processors, in order to obtain opinions, ratings, comments from customers who have purchased our services through one of our websites.

In certain and exceptional circumstances, your personal data may be disclosed to third parties, as in the following cases:

5.- Required by the State Security Forces and Bodies, in compliance with investigations and judicial processes.

6.- For Safety and protection of our employees, our property or public property.

7.- Crime prevention or detection, including exchange of information with other companies or organizations in cases of fraud prevention and credit risk reduction.

8.- As part of a merger, sale of business or assets. In this case, the information would be shared with you through the interested buyer-seller.

How long do we keep your personal information?

Your information will be kept for the necessary time and until the objectives for which it was obtained are reached. In the case of providing you with a service, the information will be stored until the service is finished.

In all other cases, we would keep your personal data until your account has been settled, legal claims or disputes have been resolved, if they exist, and there is no risk of fraudulent activity. If

How do we protect your personal data?

All necessary precautions will be taken so that your personal data is treated safely in accordance with this policy.

We make sure that all the information you provide us is transferred securely through our website, but we must bear in mind that the transmission of information through the internet is not completely secure. Despite the fact that all our resources are aimed at protecting your personal data, it is not possible for us to guarantee the total security of your information; therefore, any transmission you make will be under your responsibility. Once we have received your information, it will be treated under the strictest security procedures and protocols to prevent unauthorized access.

The information will be stored and processed wherever possible within the EU. In the event that it is not possible by third parties, they agree that the information will be treated according to the Privacy Shield Framework (Treaty between the US and the EU on Data Protection or the model clauses of the EU (Model contractual clauses used in the agreements). between service providers and their customers to ensure that all data leaving the European Economic Area is transferred in accordance with the EU Data Protection Act).

How can you help us securely preserve your personal data?

We will take all reasonable measures to ensure that all the personal data that you provide to us through our website is kept and managed securely. Slow & Flow S.L. complies with the PCI Compliant Protocol, (established to protect the data of credit card owners during and after a financial transaction). The platform uses sophisticated security devices in order to protect your personal information. You can keep your personal information safe, not only on our website but when you provide your information to other online providers:

Here are some tips to help you improve the security of your personal information.

1.- Use a modern operating system and a secure browser.

2.- Make sure that both have the latest security update.

3.- Use strong passwords and do not reuse them to access other websites.

4.- Do not share your passwords.

5.- Learn about how “scam” emails operate and exercise extreme caution when using your email.

6.- Be aware of the risk involved in using public WIFI networks

What rights do you have regarding your personal data?

You have the right to be informed

We have a legal obligation to provide you with concise, transparent, intelligible and easily accessible information about your personal data and its use.

You have the right to access your personal data

You have the right to be confirmed if we retain any of your personal data. If they are still preserved, you have the right to have a copy of them and to be informed about:

1.- Why are we using your data?

2.- What categories of information are we using?

3.- With whom have we shared your data?

4- How long do we plan to keep your information?

In order to maintain the security of your data, we will have to verify your identity before providing you with a copy of the information that we retain.

The first copy you request from us will be free. If you require more copies, we may bill you for an administrative fee to cover our costs.

You have the right to correct any incorrect / incomplete data of your personal data

If you have asked us for a copy of your personal information, you may notice an error or inaccuracy or it may not be complete. In this case, you can contact us and we will correct / include the requested data.

You have the right to unsubscribe

Sometimes, it will not be necessary for us to continue keeping your personal data:

1.- The information is not needed any longer, for the purpose for which it was stored.

2.- You present your lack of consent for the conservation of the data and we have no legal reason to continue using it.

3.- You do not agree that we continue to use your personal data and we have no reason to keep it.

4.- We have used your data illegally.

5.- We have received legal notification that requires us to delete your personal data.En las citadas situaciones, tienes derecho a solicitar la eliminación de tus datos personales. Si crees que te encuentras en uno de los casos, por favor, envía un email a

You have the right to request a copy of the information so that it can be transferred to you or to a third party in a compatible format.

Similarly, you have the right to obtain a copy of your data for your personal purposes. This right enables you to move, copy or transfer your personal data more easily from one IT system to another, in a secure way.

If you need to transfer a copy of your personal data to another organization in an approved form and in a readable format on computer media, please contact us. This management is free.

You have the right to give up Direct Marketing

At any time you can tell us that you prefer that your personal data not be used for Direct Marketing. If you do not wish to receive any communication in this regard, you can request it as follows:

  • In any email from Marketing, you will find at the end a link where you can request it.
  • Or you can also send an email to
  • You have the right to request that we stop using your personal data for our legitimate interests
  • Sometimes, we use your personal data to achieve goals that benefit both you and us:
  • • When we inform you about products or services that are similar to the ones you have been using.
  • • When we use your data to improve the operation of our company.
  • • How much we contact you to inform you about important changes.

Our goal is that your rights and your personal data are adequately protected. If you believe that we are using your personal data in an unjustified way and your rights are being violated, you have the right to file a claim.

Unless there is a cause of force majeure, we will not continue to use your personal data.

In order to exercise your right over the use of your personal data, please send an email to

You have the right to restrict the use of your personal data

You have the right to ask us not to use your personal data, simply to keep only one copy. This right can be exercised when the following circumstances occur:

1.- You have informed us that the information we keep is inaccurate and we have not been able to verify it yet.

2.- You have communicated to us that you do not establish an agreement for the use of your information to achieve our legitimate interests and we are evaluating your claim.

3.- We have used your data illegally but you do not want us to delete your data.

4.- We do not need to use your personal data any longer, but you need us to keep a copy for an existing legal claim.Si entiendes que te encuentras en una de estas situaciones, por favor envía un email a

You have rights regarding the automated decisions that determine the user’s profile / identification

Any automated decision is merely used for the purpose of personalizing the information we provide to you. We will not use this format to make decisions that have legal effect or that significantly affect you and you have the right not to be subject to such decisions. If you need to raise doubts or questions about this right, please send an email to


Any changes made in the future will be published on this page and if applicable, which we will notify via email. Please check back frequently for updates or changes to our Privacy Policy.

This version has been updated on 06/13/2018. For previous versions, please contact us.


If you wish to make a claim about the collection and use of your personal data, please contact us in the first instance so that we can resolve it. You can directly submit your claim by accessing